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Rob Csiki (pronounced Chicky), began drawing and creating at the age of 6, spending his youth and adulthood fine-tuning his artistic skills.  He considers himself an Uber-geek with a diverse area of artistic interests.  Among them are: movies, toys, comics, videogames, sci-fi, fantasy, vintage pulp stories product design, and branding.

With a career spanning over 3 decades, Rob's creative scope is expansive. Ranging from being a t-shirt designer for NASCAR in the early 90's to eventually settling in as an art director, and product designer in the toy industry. Rob has also found great success as a poster and cover artist in the film and book publishing industry. A true entrepreneur, he never shy's away from creative challenges as he consistently evolves as a dynamic creative guru. 

A self-taught artist, his current chosen medium is digital, using: Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, Sketchbook, and ProCreate to execute and create his countless ideas. Before the digital age, Rob would sketch endlessly, before taking his ideas to canvas, living in the vibrant worlds of oils and acrylics. He truly enjoys losing himself in the rewarding artistic process. 

Rob maintains a child-like sense of spirit that makes his creative passion and enthusiasm excel with his evolving artistic endeavors, and as a true artistic collaborator with his many clients.  

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