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Contact me

Reach out to me on my contact page or email me directly at I will get back to you within 24 hours and we will go over any questions that you might have. We can set a time to have a creative chat on all your needs and deliverables. I am happy to help you through the whole creative process.


Creative chat

Email or phone. This will be to discuss your book. You may have ideas for a cover that I would be happy to help bring to life. Or you may simply want me to come up with some rough visuals to get the ideas flowing. We can brainstorm together on this.


First draft

I will work on a rough draft of the cover/poster and send and send this to you for approval to that you can make any changes at this point. If the direction isn't working then we can simply start over.


Second draft

Once the first draft is approved, I will work on the cover/poster and I will keep you in the creative process loop so that you may see my progress.



Once the cover/poster art is approved by you, I will send an invoice and the final deliverables. This process from start to finish will take about 2-4 weeks , although it can be done faster if needed. For ebooks please credit me at the beginning of the book: Cover design and illustration by
Rob Csiki/ChickyGeek™ LLC. You get the full rights to the cover and artwork.

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